SWEETCATCH poke opened up in NYC in 2016 with an incredible mission to serve up the freshest ingredients to make the dopest, most satisfying meals that boast with flavor. And now, a year later, we’re not just 1, but 3 stores living out that very mission.

We’re not just your average everyday poke joint. We’re more than that. We’re #morethanabowl. We care about what we bring to the table and how it’s received by our incredibly loyal customers. The SWEETCATCH experience is one to be proud of. We always aim for it to be #morethanexpected, because mediocrity just doesn’t quite cut it for us.

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Who’re the brains behind the grub?
The unique flare we add to our poke is inspired and curated by none other than former top chef Lee Anne wong and our very own in house chef, Kohei Kishida.

What sets our poke apart from the rest?
Our poke mirrors the authentic flavors of Hawaii due to our marination method. By pre-marinating our pokes, we’re guaranteeing you a mouthful of flavor in every bite. Our menu items vary from bowls to pokemakis to now poke avo toast with poke options that are composed of fish caught from both local and international waters.